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I represent clients in the full range of arbitration's. As an attorney, I have amassed broad experience as they have continued to become more common in business disputes. With courts increasingly requiring arbitration as a predicate to trial, you can rely on me for in-depth knowledge of both mediation strategy and the panels from which mediators are appointed. I prepare for and present each aspect of an arbitration case in a fashion that takes advantage of the benefits of arbitration based upon our collective knowledge and experience. I help choose the right arbitrators and minimize costs through techniques that are unique to arbitration.


Mediation is not only an appropriate vehicle for resolving disputes, but it can also help establish agreements from the beginning which will prevent future problems from arising. For instance, pre-marital agreements or business entity formations can benefit from the input of a trained, experienced mediator who facilitates discussion of important issues and allows you to create a framework for resolution. Whether you are joining or separating lives, disputing property or custody, forming or dissolving a business, or wrestling with an estate, trust, and probate issues, mediation with Philip Shecter provides a cost-effective and timely approach to reach a fair solution and to find peace of mind.


Philip Shecter is a Collaborative Attorney who serves as an advocate for one party while a separate collaborative lawyer represents the other party. He uses his communication and listening skills to ensure everyone is fully heard and the concerns of all involved, including the children in child custody matters are understood and respected. Everyone agrees in writing that the matter will be resolved outside of court. The Collaborative method provides fair and equitable results for all parties involved and protects the children in divorcing families.

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